The Perfect Kurtas For Petite Women

Wearing the ideal dress for the perfect occasion can always give the extra edge to your demeanour and turn heads. During these fashionable times, you need to spend time looking for snazzy outfits that are the right blend of class and style.

Bright colours and smart prints are the happening things during the style season. But sometimes you need to have a second thought about the clothes you wear after you consider your body profile.

For women who are petite, there are countless options out there that make you look super awesome. If you prefer ethnic wear then you need a kurta that will make sure you stay ahead of the fashion curve. With a great looking kurta and right personal sense of style, you can look ravishing.

When at a party or at a function you don’t have to preen in the mirror to wonder how you are looking as you are sure to look alluring when you wear a kurta body perfect for you.

Here are a few tips for kurti that petite women must use when shopping for the ethnic wear.

Stick to slim fit kurtas:

Ladies kurtas are traditional, stylish and chic which is why they have dominated the current fashion landscape with their magnanimous reach among women across all age groups. Every girl loves to wear a kurta and you might as well. But for lovely petite women, slim fit kurtas with a body hugging texture works best to bring their wonderful figure to the limelight. These figure hugging kurtas make sure that you look lovely and stylish when you put them on.


Go for minimal prints:

When choosing a kurta, petite women must make sure to pick one which has a simple and elegant look. A women’s kurti replete with prints will not do justice to your frame as they might give you an unflattering look. Add a pair of danglers and dazzling accessories to go with the alluring appearance of a simple kurta and you are ready to pass a style statement.


Try monochrome hues:

Monochromes are a great way to look stylish and not have an overwhelming appeal. The beauty of monochrome outfit lies in its simplicity that it is sure to turn a few heads with its sophisticated designing. So petite women can try kurtas in wonderful uniform shades and be all set to rock a desi look. You can go for neon or bright colours but refrain from having more than two colours on your apparel. This will help you don a simple and sober look.

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Prefer a V neckline:

Round and boat neck design may not give a flattering look to petite women but V-neck designs are an absolute yes. Kurta with a V neckline would give the appearance that you have a lean torso and make you look taller. Moreover, V necklines are always in trend and the fact that they make you look vertically endowed only makes them better. So go ahead and have a V-neck kurta that will surely look great.


Don’t go for long kurtas:

Long kurta surely look attractive and they may entice you to try it, but petite women should avoid wearing long kurtas. Short or knee length kurta will look great on you and be a perfect choice in any season. So next time you go in for kurta shopping, don’t succumb to the lure of those sleek, long kurtas. If you want to buy kurtis from online for office wear then you have to know about some tips to choose.



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